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SOUNDBAR / Soundbar

Onkyo LS-T10

Ruumisäästlik kõik ühes kõlarisüsteem sisse ehitatud surround süsteemiga. Bluetooth ühenduvusega ja TV puldiga juhitav kodukino lahendus.

399 € / pc


The Ultimate One-Box Home Cinema System

 Limited space is no longer an impediment to enjoying cinematic TV sound. Our compact LS-T10 slips under your TV and provides room-filling audio quality for all of your A/V sources without taking up space. As a self-contained surround-sound system, the LS-T10 features a six-channel digital amplifier to power the six-driver array, with four full-range drivers on the front, a speaker on each side, and an active subwoofer on the underside. AuraSphere digital signal processing manages output levels and equalization to create an all-enveloping 3D soundfield complete with selectable Movie, Music, and News sound  modes to optimize playback of various types of content. The unit also doubles as a powerful home hi-fi system, with Bluetooth wireless streaming technology and a USB port for flash memory storage devices loaded with MP3s. Best of all, installation and operation couldn’t be easier—just plug in a single cable and start controlling the LS-T10 with your TV remote. Built and finished to Onkyo’s usual high standards, the LS-T10 home entertainment system delivers superior audio performance without hassle, clutter, and added expense.

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Speaker Section  

Speaker Type

7 cm Full-Range Driver (x6)
12 cm Down-Firing Cone (x1)

Frequency Response


150 Hz–20 kHz
20 Hz–150 Hz

Power Supply AC 100–240 V~, 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 21 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 700 x 105 x 350 mm
Weight 8.7 kg