Why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to the B Minor Mass? Michael Torke


  • Klipsch RS-42 II  

    Remarkable balance of performance and value. 

    390 € / pair
  • Mirage Nanosat Prestige  

    Nanosat Prestige delivers immense music and movie performances from a tiny, contemporary cabinet that blends in beautifully with your décor—and lifestyle.  

    390 € / pair
  • Klipsch S-20 

    Fills rooms with lifelike music and film sound reproduction. 

    395 € / pair
  • Klipsch RB-51 II  

    Smart balance of performance, size and value. 

    395 € / pair
  • Dali Lektor 2 

    Lektor 2 is an incredibly versatile compact speaker that sets new standards for sound quality at this price. It masters all types of music, and you can put it both on the wall, the shelf or a rack.  

    398 € / pair
  • PodSpeakers SmallPod 

    SmallPod 2-way hifi loudspeaker 

    398 € / pair
  • Mirage OS3-Sat 

    OS³-Sat is the perfect complement to any music or home theater system—you can use it as a front speaker, center channel or even a surround speaker.  

    410 € / pair
  • Jamo Graphic 

    Flat profile surround speaker with great-looking design for wall mounting.  

    415 € / pair
  • Dali Zensor 3 

    Sobib hästi universaalseks stereokõlariks, andes piisavalt kontrollitud ja sügavat bassi. 

    418 € / pair
  • Dali Lektor 2 High-gloss white 

    Lektor 2 on mitmekülgne kompaktkõlar, mida võib paigaldada praktiliselt igasse kohta - kaasaarvatud seinale, riiulile või kõlarijalale. DALI poolt kujundatud 5'' kesksagedus/bassielement tagab hea helipildi.  

    438 € / pair