Why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to the B Minor Mass? Michael Torke


  • PSB Image B6 

    Multi-Functional Speaker Ideal for Restricted Space 

    449 € / pair
  • Dali Lektor 2 High-gloss black 


    478 € / pair
  • Klipsch RB-61 II  

    A great balance of performance, size and value. 

    495 € / pair
  • Dali Lektor 3 

    Lektor 3 is a bookshelf speakerl in the Lektor series. You get bass and dynamics that can really give life to your music, and the sound is so pure and powerful that every kind of music is a sheer pleasure to lend ear to.  

    495 € / pair
  • Jamo Sub 260 

    More power and performance for fantastic movie effects and deep bass notes you feel as much as hear.  

    270 € / pc
  • Klipsch SW-350 SUB 

    When it comes to adding deep, driving bass to your stereo or home theater system, our SW-350 subwoofer is ready to take on all the heavy lifting.  

    290 € / pc
  • Jamo Sub 360 

    The Jamo SUB 300 brings low-frequency notes front and center, for resounding bass you can hear—and feel. 

    315 € / pc
  • PodSpeakers MicroPod SUB 

    MicroPod subwoofer 

    349 € / pc
  • Dali Fazon SUB 1 

    FAZON SUB 1 is a super-compact subwoofer and the perfect partner to Dali FAZON SAT flat panel speakers. 

    359 € / pc
  • Klipsch SW-450 SUB 

    The SW-450 subwoofer uncovers what you’ve been missing in your music, movies and video games—clean, chest-thumping bass. 

    390 € / pc