Why waste money on psychotherapy when you can listen to the B Minor Mass? Michael Torke


  • Jamo Sub 210 

    SUB 200 adds strong, clear bass to any 2-channel or home theater system.  

    199 € / pc
  • Jamo Sub 210 HG Black/White 

    Small form factor subwoofer; 8'', 200W. 

    240 € / pc
  • Jamo Sub 260 

    More power and performance for fantastic movie effects and deep bass notes you feel as much as hear.  

    270 € / pc
  • Klipsch SW-350 SUB 

    When it comes to adding deep, driving bass to your stereo or home theater system, our SW-350 subwoofer is ready to take on all the heavy lifting.  

    290 € / pc
  • Jamo Sub 360 

    The Jamo SUB 300 brings low-frequency notes front and center, for resounding bass you can hear—and feel. 

    315 € / pc
  • PodSpeakers MicroPod SUB 

    MicroPod subwoofer 

    349 € / pc
  • Dali Fazon SUB 1 

    FAZON SUB 1 is a super-compact subwoofer and the perfect partner to Dali FAZON SAT flat panel speakers. 

    359 € / pc
  • Klipsch SW-450 SUB 

    The SW-450 subwoofer uncovers what you’ve been missing in your music, movies and video games—clean, chest-thumping bass. 

    390 € / pc
  • Mirage MM-6 

    Our smallest powered subwoofer to date, the MM-6 packs intense, full-bodied bass into a miniature 8-inch cube that fills your room with magnificent sound.  

    430 € / pc
  • Jamo Sub 800 black 

    At a very small size (8x8x8"), the Jamo SUB 800 can be placed wherever décor dictates. 

    469 € / pc