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LOUDSPEAKERS / Outdoor Speakers

  • Jamo Indoor/Outdoor 1A2 

    The smallest model in our revamped indoor/outdoor range features a 4.5-inch woofer, an ideal choice if you want an inconspicuous source of sound. 

    299 € / pair
  • PSB CS500 

    PSB CS500 reguleeritava seinakinnitusega välikõlar. 

    299 € / pair
  • Jamo Indoor/Outdoor 8.52DVCA2FG 

    A 2-way in-ceiling indoor/outdoor speaker 

    349 € / pc
  • PSB CS1000 


    399 € / pair
  • Mirage Oasis Omni 6  

    Whether you want to relax or entertain, our flagship outdoor speaker, the Oasis Omni 6, brings completely immersive sound experiences to your garden, patio, terrace or poolside.  

    520 € / pair