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ACCESSORIES / Speaker Stands/Wall brackets

Dali Euphonia/Helicon Phantom Phrame

On-wall frame for Euphonia/Helicon Phantom in-wall loudspeaker.

279 € / pc


The PHANTOM PHRAME is a dedicated frame (yes we actually can spell frame correctly - but PHRAME is so much more fun) for the EUPHONIA and HELICON PHANTOM speakers. This unique frame was developed for those who want In-Wall speakers, but are not able or willing to cut a hole in their walls.

With the PHANTOM PHRAME, you get the sound of the In-Wall you want (EUPHONIA PHANTOM or HELICON PHANTOM) on the wall - seamlessly and easily - and it looks good as well. Need we mention that the sound of course is preserved as if the In-Wall as actually in the wall.

Link tootja kodulehele: Link




Enclosure type:  
Recommended placement: On-Wall
Recommended distance from wall: 0.00
Loudspeaker type: In-Wall