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Jamo A 101 HCS 5

A slim 5.1 speaker set that suits the style of modern flatscreen tvs.

315 € / set
High-gloss black  High-gloss White 


With the newer generations of flat-panel televisions taking up ever-diminishing space, the design of popular loudspeaker will have to follow suit. The Jamo A 101 is shallow enough to match the slimmest new TV’s and is only 2”/50mm deep, so it can easily be placed in contemporary home decors.

The high-gloss finish of these cute little rectangles offer a welcome visual complement to every flat-panel TV on the market. They only draw attention when it comes to their impressive sound.

With five identical satellite speakers and matching subwoofer, the Jamo A 101 HCS 5 will offer sound quality that is a vast and impressive improvement over what is offered from modern TV’s. Even though the satellites are small, they are able to project a very impressive sound-field with tremendous articulation of even the tiniest details in the most dramatic soundtrack.

With a 3”/76.2mm midrange driver, the satellites offer a high sensitivity of 85dB/2,8V/1m. They can handle more than 50W power each, which allows for the realistic reproduction that modern action movies demand.


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Technical Information

Dimensions (HxWxD) 297x571x161 mm 
Weight  8.4kg