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The Uni-Theater® is a minimalist’s dream. Perfect for flat-panel displays, this innovative home theater solution brings you three channels of sound—left, center and right—and a room full of high fidelity, 360º sound in one horizontal cabinet.

959 € 550 € / tk


Easier than buying separate audio components, our Uni-Theater® puts three speakers—left, center and right channels—into one sleek cabinet, making it a no muss, no fuss purchase decision. Better yet, it captures the best of both worlds by looking great and not sounding like a lifestyle-friendly speaker at all.

Link tootja kodulehele:http://www.miragespeakers.com/na-en/products/uni-theater-3-in-1-overview/


CES Innovations Award (October, 2005)



System Type 2-way Magnetically shielded integrated L/C/R system with patented Omnipolar array
Frequency Response 80 to 20kHz(+/- 3dB)
Nominal Impedence 8 Ohms
Power Handling 100 Watts
Recommended Amplifier Power 10 to 100 Watts
Impedance 4 Ohms minimum
Tweeter 3/4" PTH tweeter per channel
Midrange Two 3" Titanium deposit hybrid passive radiator per channel; 3" Titanium Deposit Hybrid Woofer per channel
Room Efficiency 88dB
Crossover Point 2,7kHz
Inputs High Quality 5-way Binding Posts
Overall Dimensions W - 93,22 cm
H - 13,21 cm
D - 11,68 cm
Weight 8,165 kg
Finishes Brushed Aluminum Black or Brushed Aluminum Silver


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