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SOUNDBAR / Soundbar

Klipsch HD Theater SB 120

Ruumisäästlik kõik ühes kõlarisüsteem sisse ehitatud surround süsteemiga. Bluetooth ühenduvusega ja TV puldiga juhitav kodukino.

549 € / tk


The SB 120 TV sound system is a more compact alternative to both multiple speaker and conventional soundbar systems, designed as a single cabinet, single connection, sound solution that rests underneath your TV on a stand, shelf, dresser or countertop*.

Built to redefine the home theater experience, the SB 120 combines legendary Klipsch horn-loaded technology with separate midrange drivers and dual subwoofers for dynamic, full-range sound. TV shows, movies and gaming all sound much more lifelike with extended dialogue clarity.

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SYSTEM TYPE: 3-way system; built-in subwoofers
FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 50Hz - 20kHz +-3db
POWER HANDLING: 160 watts peak
TWEETER: Two .75" (19mm) Aluminum tweeters mated to 90° x 90° Tractrix® Horns
MIDRANGE: Two 3" (7.6cm) poly drivers
WOOFER: Two 3” (7.6cm) x 5” (12.7cm) oval, long-throw woofers / ported enclosure
INPUTS: Bluetooth, 1 Optical input, 1 Dual RCA input
WEIGHT: 23 lbs / 10.4 kg
DIMENSIONS: 3.9" (9.9cm) H x 32.7" (83.1cm) W x 13.2" (33.6cm) D
FINISH: Brushed black cabinet with painted steel mesh grille
INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: One 5.25 ft. (1.6m) digital optical cable, one 5.25 ft. (1.6m) 3.5mm to dual RCA cable, one remote control
TV PLACEMENT REQUIREMENTS  TV's <100 lbs (45kg), TV base <31” (78cm) W x 11” (28cm) D