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STEREO / Tuunerid

C445 annab suurepärase raadioelamuse. Algupärane NAD kvaliteet ja läbimõeldud omadused teevad sellest FM/AM tuunerist sinu HiFi süsteemi loomuliku lisa.

289 € / tk


With several countries now adopting DAB standards, we're certain that DAB is here to stay. So we've worked tirelessly to deliver a sustainable tuner which utilizes premium-grade parts and delivers the features our customers demand. Features such as alphabetical station preset memory (up to 40 total) and our two line dot matrix display, users can enjoy CD-quality sound via DAB and intuitive operation via remote control or using the direct access keys on the front panel.

The performance of the C 445 DAB Tuner is nothing less than breathtaking, add one to your audio system and enjoy the rich textures of high fidelity sound.

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  • DAB/FM/AM Universal Tuner
  • Dual Band DAB, Band III and L Band reception
  • Individual antenna inputs for DAB, FM, and AM for best possible reception of all broadcast formats
  • DAB Favorite Station Memory
  • 30 FM Station Presets, 10 AM Station Presets
  • RDS PS and RT for FM broadcasts
  • 2 Line Dot Matrix Display indicates station frequency, Preset and Favorite Station titles, and other information broadcast by individual DAB and FM stations
  • Optical TosLink Digital SPDIF Output for DAB signals
  • Audiophile quality DAC and analogue line stage
  • Simple intuitive operation
  • Remote control