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Onkyo IE-HF300 kõrvasisesed kõrvaklapid

129 € / tk


Creating headphones that can extract the full dynamic potential in a recording—while remaining portable enough to stick in your back pocket—is no easy task. Yet Onkyo, a company with more than 65 years’ experience in hi-fi audio, has managed to do just that with the development of an all-new headphone sound. Featuring a large, low-impedance transducer, these headphones reach deep into the mix, balancing silky smooth bass with an open and natural mid-range. Tough aluminum and ABS resin hybrid construction helps to provide the necessary rigidity to tame resonance and distortion. Crystal-clear audio comes courtesy of an audiophile-grade, super-conductive copper cable wrapped in transparent elastomer insulation to minimize touch noise. Detachable gold-plated MMCX connectors allow easy cable replacement in case of accidental damage. Available in a burnished black aluminum finish, these comfortable and stylish IEMs are ready to make your music come alive.

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Driver Type  Dynamic
Driver Size

14.3 mm (9/16˝)

Frequency Response

15 Hz–22 kHz

Maximum Input Power
30 mW
Output Sound Pressure Level  105 dB/mW
Nominal Impedance  32 Ohms

Oxygen-Free 6N (99.9999%)
Pure Copper with Thick Elastomer Sheath


1.2 m (47 1/4˝) (x1)

MMCX Connector 

Gold-Plated Detachable

Stereo Plug   Gold-Plated ⌀3.5 mm (1/8˝) L-Type
Weight (without cable) 

12 g (0.4 oz)