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ONKYO APP / Remote app

Onkyo Remote for Android

Lihtne liides oma ONKYO süsteemi ja koduvõrgu vahel. Wireless Music Streaming, Multi-Zone kontroll, Lihtne Setup Menu kontroll.

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Onkyo Remote for Android

Versatile Remote App for Onkyo A/V and Hi-Fi Systems


Onkyo Remote for Android* operates wirelessly over the home network and offers a range of remote control functions to more easily manage your network-capable Onkyo home theater and hi-fi systems. In addition, the app enables wireless audio streaming from handset, online music service, NAS, and personal computer. The user can control playback across multiple zones as well as adjust most system settings from almost anywhere in the home. Furthermore, the application is compatible with Onkyo’s RI system, allowing control of multiple components within a system.*Requires Android OS 2.1 or later.

Available here as a free download.


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