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Stylish, transitional 5-Way tower speaker

2290 € / paar
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With exceptional tonal accuracy and an elegant design, we have proved that even “class leaders” like the Imagine T Speaker can have a bigger and better brother. Introducing PSB Speakers Imagine T2 Tower speaker, a high performance, transitional 5-way tower speaker equipped with Triple Port Bass Reflex and subdivided discrete chambers. This tower speakers design offers a sound experience that rivals loudspeakers costing two to three times more. Adding a third 5 ¼” polypropylene woofer and a dedicated 4” polypropylene midrange driver is literally music to your ears. Listen to smooth and detailed soundscapes as they slowly dance out of beautifully curved, hand-crafted cabinets to fill your listening room.

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Frequency Range 34-23,000Hz
Sensitivity 90dB
Impedance 4 Ohms
Input Power 20 - 300 Watts
Size (W x H x D) 210 x 1031 x 346mm
Weight 19,4kg/pc