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STEREO / Vinüül/LP


USB/CD muusikakeskus ja vinüülplaadimängija LP-R550USB

499 € / tk


TEAC LP-R550USB is a full audio and dubbing system with turntable, CD recorder, cassette player, computer interface, and AM/FM tuner. Drop your record on the three-speed turntable, place a blank audio CD-R or CD-RW in the CD drive and hit record. Transferring your music collection into a digital, portable format couldn't be simpler. In addition to CD recording, the LP-R550USB has a cassette player/recorder and an AM/FM tuner. A pair of built-in speakers makes it the perfect desktop music system for home or office. 

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Output Power: 3.5W + 3.5W
Speakers: 2”-3/4 Full Range Cone x 2
Audio Input: x 1 (RCA)
Audio Output: x 1 (RCA)
USB Port: x 1
Headphone: x 1 (Stereo Mini)
Operation: 230V AC 50Hz (EU), 120V AC, 60Hz (US)
Dimension (W x H x D): 18-1/2" x 9-1/16" x 15-3/8"
Weight: 24.3 lbs. 11.0 kg