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STEREO / Vinüül/LP

Cambridge Audio 551P

Phono eelvõimendi Azur 551P

119 € / tk
Hõbe  Must 


 There's something unique about listening to vinyl, something that digital media can't reproduce in quite the same way. While the latest digital formats sound incredible, there's detail and warmth that can't always be expressed in 0s and 1s, crackle that adds character, and live music simply comes to life. The Azur 551P lets you enjoy all this on any hi-fi system in superb quality.






Max power consumption 5W
Gain @ 1kHz 39dB
Input impedance 47kOhm
Input capacitance 220pF
Nominal output 300mV
Sensitivity for nominal output 3.35mV
Overload margin >30dB
THD 20Hz - 20kHz <0.009%
RIAA curve accuracy < +/-0.65dB
Signal to noise ratio >85dB (using Audio Precision RIAA-1 with grounded inputs)
Crosstalk @ 20kHz >76dB
Dimensions 46 x 215 x 133mm
1.8 x 8.5 x 5.2''
Weight 0.8Kg (1.8lbs)