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  • IONIC Ceiling XL Twin Mount 

    Ideal for large to very large LCD and plasma TVs, from 26" to 65" Screen height can be adjusted from 240-1050mm 360o swivel 25o tilt Fully intergrated cable management system Maximum weight load 2 x80kg VESA max 820x510mm  

    299 € / tk
  • IONIC Synchro XL 

    Ideal for medium-sized plasma and LCD TV sets. The dual-hinge system allows the screen to be placed in a variety of positions. When folded away, the Synchro XL protrudes less than 9cm from the wall. The mounting frame gives you a near-continuous range of 65x50cm. The cable guide keeps all wiring out of sight.Distance from wall from 8.8cm upto 52cm Tilt 15° Pivot 90° 35kg from 32" SECURE CABLE CLIP  

    299 € / tk
  • People of Lava mMotion Swing large 

    mMotion Swing on motoriseeritud seinakinnitus lameekraanteleritele. 

    299.90 € / tk
  • Dali Euphonia/Helicon Phantom Phrame 

    Euphonia/Helicon Phantom seinasisese kõlari seinapealne raam.  

    279 € / tk
  • Jamo JSS4-VC2 

    Seade erinevate kõlarite helitugevuse reguleerimiseks ja sisse-välja lülitamiseks. 

    399 € / tk
  • Russound SDB-4.1 

    Kõlarite jagur helitugevuse regulaatoriga 4-le kõlarite paarile 

    480 € / tk
  • Jamo JSS6-VC2 

    Jamo JSS6-VC2 helitugevuse reguleerimisega kõlaritevalija. 

    499 € / tk