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KÕLARID / Põrandakõlarid

IKON 6 MK2 on põrandakõlar, mis annab sulle täiusliku kompromissi suuruse, võimsuse ja hinna vahel. Lihtne tumedapinnaline Skandinaavia disain annab sellele kõlarile eksklusiivse välimuse ja isiksuse, mis sobib sinu toaga nii visuaalselt kui musikaalselt. Kasutada keskmise suurusega ja suurtes tubades stereo- või kodukinokõlarina.

1358 € / paar
Must  Hele Pähkel 


Utilizing a dual 6.5” bass/mid driver configuration, the IKON 6 MK2 is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the acoustic and sonic possibilities of your medium or smaller sized room.

The simplistic Scandinavian design featuring a darker surface adds an exclusive edge and personality to this loudspeaker that will match your room both in performance, size, and appearance. Use IKON 6 MK2 as stereo speakers in midsized to large rooms or as front speakers in a midsized to large cinema set up to enjoy the full potential of your preferences.

The construction principle of the baffle effectively dissipates vibrations and resonance, and the crossover is mounted directly onto the terminals, thereby minimizing any potential signal loss. Moreover, the lip of the front-mounted bass reflex port is fitted with a gasket to ensure no air leakage or turbulence. To us, every detail counts!

The combination of the bass/mid drivers and DALI’s unique hybrid tweeter module helps achieving the level of precision and resolution of fine detail that made the IKON name legendary. IKON 6 MK2 now completes the legacy.


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Frequency range (+/- 3dB) [Hz]: 39 - 30.000
Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB]: 89,0
Nominal impedance [ohms]: 6
Maximum SPL [dB]: 110
Recommended amplifier power [W]: 25 - 180
Crossover frequencies: 700/2.600/14.000
Hybrid tweeter module, Super high frequency driver: 1 x 17 x 45 mm Ribbon
Hybrid tweeter module, High frequency driver: 1 x 28 mm Soft textile dome
Low frequency driver: 2 x 6.5" Wood fibre cone
Enclosure type: Bass reflex
Bass reflex tuning frequency [Hz]: 39,5
Connection input(s): Bi-wire
Recommended placement: Floor
Loudspeaker type: Front
Max loudspeaker dimensions incl. base and grille (HxWxD) [mm]: 1028 X 188 X 352
Loudspeaker weight [kg]: 17,8
Accessories included: Manual
Rubber "bumpers"
Assembly tools
Optional accessories: White Grille


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