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KÕLARID / Põrandakõlarid

Kõlar, mis on võimeline esitama kõiki sagedusi, mida inimkõrv suudab kuulda. Alguses arendati MegaLine ühekordseks showmudeliks Hi-Fi näituste tarvis. Kuna 2.31 meetrit kõrge kõlar jättis oma heliga kõigile sügava mulje, kes seda kuulasid ja nägid, siis pandi kõlar avalikuse soovil tootmisse.

43750 € / tk


The MEGALINE is a reference loudspeaker system capable of reproducing the full dynamics and scale of the live music experience, revealing the subtleties of inner detail, contrast,
atmosphere, pace and rhythm.

The MEGALINE is the result of a radical re-evaluation of the traditional approach to loudspeaker design. Wiping the slate clean DALI’s research and development engineers questioned conventional wisdom and broke new ground on the road to a better understanding of the crucial interaction between loudspeaker, room and listener.

Essentially, the MEGALINE is a two-way loudspeaker, based on a vertical array of bass/midrange units alongside a second array of planar dipole ribbon tweeters. Each array is configured to operate as a single “virtual driver” extending from floor to


The Absolute Sound (USA)DALI MEGALINE - EDITORS' CHOICE. 01-09-2004



Frequency range (+/- 3dB) [Hz]: 35 - 22.000
Nominal impedance [ohms]: 6
Recommended amplifier power [W]: 100 - 1.000
Crossover frequencies: 1200 by external active crossover (included)
High frequency driver: 15 x 755 mm, 3 pr. channel Polymere/aluminimum
Low frequency driver: 12 x 6½ " Paper fibre cone
Enclosure type: Bass reflex
Bass reflex tuning frequency [Hz]: 38,5
Standby power consumption [W]: 13
Maximum power consumption [W]: 13
Connection input(s): Bi-amping (active crossover)
Connection output(s): Stero "line level" (low pass filtered)
Stereo "line level" (high pass filtered)
Recommended placement: Floor
Connection output(s): Stero "line level" (low pass filtered)
Stereo "line level" (high pass filtered)
Loudspeaker type: Front
Max loudspeaker dimensions incl. base and grille (HxWxD) [mm]: 365 X 2310 X 492
Loudspeaker weight [kg]: 101,0


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