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KÕLARID / Riiulikõlarid/surroundkõlarid

Väikest mõõtu kõlar koos reguleeritava jala ja seinakinntusega.

65 € / tk


Because of their rounded profile, A 320 satellite speakers can be placed almost anywhere: horizontally—or vertically—on a bookshelf, on a wall, in a corner. The only limit is your imagination. Thanks to their ingenious fittings, they can be aimed toward the optimum listening position. Accessories for different placement options are included with the speakers.

The satellites are available in two different sizes. The A 320 is your choice if you want a smaller, nearly invisible speaker with superior sound quality and high power handling. Its size and design makes it a perfect match for most flat-screens on the market.

As an optional accessory, we offer the A 320FS. Made especially for the A 320, and manufactured from sturdy aluminum to ensure maximum stability, these stands feature a unique cable management design which completely conceals the speaker cables. When mounted on the A 320FS, the A 320 can also be turned horizontally.

Despite the A 320s medium size, it features a true two-way design, with a 3.75 -inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter. This provides superior sound quality that reproduces the mid- and upper range frequencies with full fidelity and high power handling. The result is very natural sounding vocal and instrumental quality.


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System Type 2-way closed
Woofer (mm/in) 95 / 3¾
Tweeter (mm/in) 25 / 1
Power (W, long/short term) 50 / 70
Sensitivity (dB, 2.8V/1m) 88
Frequency Range (Hz) 95 - 20,000
Impedance (Ohm) 6
Weight (kg/lb) 1.0 / 2.2
Product dimensions (mm) 165 x 110 x 91
Overall dimensions (mm) 190 × 124 × 105
Finishes Black, White, Silver