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KÕLARID / Kõlarikomplektid

5.0 kõlarikomplekt, mis sobib tänapäeva telerite disainiga.

210 € / komplekt
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We’re all familiar with the phrase “seen but not heard”. With the refined A 10 series, Jamo gives you the opportunity to experience exactly the opposite! These speakers may be small in size, but the sound quality they deliver is absolutely huge in scale—and pure in quality.

The A 102 satellite speaker is extremely compact, so it’ll be the sound, not the speaker that attracts attention. When mounted on the wall—using the brackets that are included—the A 102 can also be turned from side to side to direct the sound wherever you desire.

With its compact size and attractive shape that looks great with any new generation flatscreen, the A 10 CEN is the shielded center channel unit for the amazing A 100 series of home theater speakers. You’ll hear movie music, dialogue and effects come alive as never before.

You can also combine the A 102 HCS 3 with the SUB 210 or SUB 800 to take your audio experience to 5.1.


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System Two-way Closed
Woofer (mm/in)  76 / 3
Tweeter (mm/in)  19 / ¾
Sensitivity (dB - 2,8V / 1m)  86
Impedance (Ohms)  6
Weight (kg/lbs)  0.7 / 1.5
Dimensions (HxWxD/mm/in)  91 × 91 × 92 / 3.6 × 3.6 × 3.7
Frequency Range  150-20,000
Power (Long Term/Short Term)  60W /80W
Finish  White, Silver, Black



Tehniline info

Weight  0,7 kg 
Subwoofer Dimensions (HxWxD) 91x91x92 mm