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KAABLID / Kõlarikaablid

XTC - Performance seeria kõlarikaabel

7 € / 1m.


XTC is a completely new design from the QED laboratories. It utilizes the technologies of Silver Anniversary X-Tube but with the removal of the silver plating and extra conductor spacing aims at a warmer and rounder sound compared to its more expensive sibling.



  • 3 x 99.999% Oxygen Free copper braids of 16x 5/0.09mm stranding.
  • Conductors are wound around a hollow PE central core of 1.5mm OD and held in place by a 100% clear Mylar wrap.
  • XTC is sheathed in a flexible pearlescent polyethylene outer jacket.
  • Capacitance 16.6pF/m. Loop Inductance 0.69uH/m.
  • Loop resistance 25.0m Dissipation Factor@10kHz: 0.0125
  • Nominal outside diameter 4mm x 10mm